The latest espresso machine from Rocket Espresso Milano.

The Rocket R 60V features pressure profiling system that allows the user of the machine to further enhance their brew by adjusting the pump pressure over the course of the extaction.
The pressure profiling system uses an approach to allow the extraction to be split into five different time intervals, each allowing for a different pressure to be programmed, making it possible to ramp the pressure up or down, depending on the coffee type and flavours.

This process is controlled by the communication pod that comes with the machine. You can also use the Rocket R 60V app that is available on the Google Play store or Apples App store. The communication pod controls temperature levels, the ability to turn off or on the service boiler, changing from the 2.5L water reservior, extraction times and displays the shot timer.

The Rocket R 60V is a dual boiler machine: 1.8L service boiler for the steam wand and hot water tap, with a 0.58L boiler for brewing. The 1.8L service boiler can be turned on or off and temperature adjusted.

The Rocket R 60V is available with either stainless steel or matte black side panels and comes in a stunning wooden crate.

The Rocket R60 is housed in a highly durable and very beautiful AISI 304 stainless steel case with a stainless steel cup frame surround.


The Rocket Espresso R60 machine comes with two portafilters, a PID, an aluminum tamper, a blind basket, a brush, a scoop, a cleaning cloth and a set of manuals.

Available for New Zealand based customers only.