With the Magimix Compact 3200 XL, food prep becomes as easy as ABC: A is for home-made 'Almond Butter', B is for kneading 'Bread Dough', C is for making 'Creamy Courgette Soup'.

Although compact, this Magimix food processoris built in Franceto the same high standards as bigger models. It's designed to work better and last longer and the proof is inthe pudding: the Magimix Compact 3200 XL comes with a 30-year motor guarantee and 3-year parts guarantee.

It belongs to the family of Magimix 'world-leading food processor empire and is your second pair of hands in the kitchen (and much more practical than a kitchenhand because it hardly uses any space!). It even thinks for you. The Magimix Compact 3200 XL food processor automatically adjusts the power to provide the right speed for the job, thanks to its unique 'auto-select' commercial-grade induction motor.

Small Size Doesn't Compromise Function
Grating carrots or potatoes,chopping meat,slicing cucumbers or tomatoes,blending soups, whizzing up milkshakes,kneading brioche, bread dough or shortcrust pastry,emulsifying sauces,whipping cream or whisking egg whites.

Simple; Sturdy
Just 3 buttons to access all functions.
Motor automatically adjusts its power for each task.
Manufactured in France.
Ultra-quiet,energy-efficient, commercial-grade motor with a 30-year warranty.
Serrated Sabatier stainless steel blades are made in France and stay sharper longer.

3 bowls which operate independently,allowing tasks to be carried out in quick succession.

650 Watt motor
2.6L main bowl
2.2L midi bowl
1.2L mini bowl comes with its own specific serrated stainless steel blade
Extra wide feed tube
Sabatier stainless steel blade