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Sustainable kitchen swaps

Moving towards a more sustainable kitchen can feel overwhelming- we have put together some simple swaps for you to create a greener, more sustainable kitchen.

Turn your kitchen scraps to compost

The urban composter uses anaerobic composting to ferment your kitchen scraps right in the bucket. This process will minimise foul odours and flies. Simply cut up your food scraps into small pieces, place in the bucket to ferment, drain the liquid every few days and use the excess liquid as a liquid fertiliser. 

Wash your dishes like your grandmother

This simple stainless steel soap cageallows you to easily swish your dish washing block either in the sink of under the flowing tap water. Easy as that!

Ditch the paper towel

A super star eco-friendly dishcloth doing good things for the planet. Made from 100% natural and renewable materials. Super absorbent, quick to dry, plant based and home compostable- what more could you ask for!

Never use cling film again

The first plant based vegan friendly, fair-trade, organic food wraps in a variation of vibrant designs! Hand made from pure candeilla wax and organic cotton making them 100% food safe. So easy to clean and totally biodegradable, be sure to add these reusable food wraps to your kitchen!



Never buy a peg again

Ditch the unreliable plastic and never buy plastic pegs again! Stainless steel pegsare mighty strong- with a lifetime guarantee as they will not break or rust! 

All in one to get started 

Cleaning up has never looked so good with Yesco’s beautifully designed eco and 100% biodegradable kitchen essentials kit.

The kitchen essentials kit was designed to provide eco and compostable replacements for common items found around the kitchen. 

Perfect when starting on your sustainable kitchen journey.