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Must have cookware & appliances

Cookware + kitchen appliances for healthy living

 Are you interested in creating a healthier lifestyle? Clean eating can be daunting but whether your goal is getting your daily dose of nutritious fruits and veggies or cooking at home instead of always opting for takeout, it’s worth investing in good quality cookware and appliances to help you along the way.

Non-stick cookware

Cooking meals with non-stick cookware can be a healthier option as you'll use much less oil or fat in fact, you don't typically even need to use any oil. 

Large batches, meal preparation 

Batch cooking can be beneficial for your health as it eliminates the stress of deciding what to eat at meal time and ensures you have full control of what ingredients go in to your meals. Cooking one pot meals in a large casserole pot is a great way to make big batches in one go. 

Blenders & food processors 

Prepare nutritious smoothies, juices, dips, salsas and more with a blender or food processor. Making a smoothie daily is a great way to add greens and fibre to your diet. The KitchenAid K400 blender has been designed to tackle nuts, fine seeds, ginger root, dense fruits and leafy greens like kale, blending them down to the finest consistency for your creations.

Try making sushi at home 

Making sushi at home is way simpler than you make think, all you really need is a sharp santoku knife and some bamboo sushi mats, easy. Sushi can be delicious, healthy and so much fun to make!