Light Up the Season with Ecoya's Stunning Holiday Collection

Infuse your home with the magic of the holiday season, introducing Ecoya's 2023 Holiday Collection and the star of the show: The Goldie. This brushed gold candle vessel is here to elevate your holiday experience with a touch of elegance that lasts well beyond the initial unboxing.

Ecoya Holiday Collection

Meet The Goldie

At the heart of the Holiday Collection lies The Goldie, a brand-new brushed gold aluminium candle vessel. The Goldie is available in three distinct Holiday Collection fragrances, each designed to captivate your senses and create the perfect holiday ambiance:

1. Fresh Pine: Imagine the scent of freshly cut pine trees, filling your home with the crisp, invigorating aroma of a winter wonderland.

2. Raspberry & Hibiscus: Indulge in the sweet and fruity notes of ripe raspberries, expertly blended with the subtle, floral touch of hibiscus, setting a delightful tone for your holiday gatherings.

3. Blossom & Spiced Vanilla: Get cosy with the warm and comforting embrace of spiced vanilla, beautifully complemented by delicate blossoms, evoking feelings of home and hearth.


More of What You Love

The Goldie is not your ordinary candle vessel. It's packed with the Ecoya quality you adore:

1. More Natural Soy Wax: Ecoya have filled The Goldie with even more of their signature natural soy wax, ensuring a longer-lasting, cleaner, and more sustainable burn.

2. Three Festive Fragrances: You can choose from three special holiday fragrances to create the perfect ambiance for your celebrations, making every moment unforgettable.

3. Infinitely Recyclable & Reusable: The Goldie is not just a one-time wonder. It's a beautiful vessel that you can repurpose or recycle, helping you reduce your environmental footprint while adding a touch of elegance to your home.


The Ecoya Holiday Collection promises to bring the essence of the holiday season to your home. With three festive fragrances, more natural soy wax, a recyclable vessel, and an impressive 90 hours of candlelight, The Goldie is the perfect addition to make your holiday moments truly magical. Unwrap the elegance and let the scents and glow of The Goldie light up your holiday season this year.