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Composting / What can you compost at home
Have you noticed how much food waste we produce when making a meal? A great way to be more conscious about food waste is investing in a small counter top compost bin.
When food scraps go to the landfill they end up rotting which produces methane gas, however when we compost, we enrich the soil, we help the soil retain moisture and we reduce the need for chemical fertilisers. If you are interested in composting but you do not have the space or time to take care of a large compost set up in your garden, kitchen counter top compost bins are convenient and hassle-free. 
We have put together some of our favourite counter top compost bins and a little diagram showing what materials and fibres you can compost at home.


If you are unable to compost at home, think about collecting your vegetable scraps to make home-made veggie stock or broth to use in soups, stews, stir-fry's or gravy's.

EARTH DAY everyday

We look forward to continuing the conversation around sustainability here at Mooch, we truly believe everyday should be Earthday. We plan to consider sustainability and the environment when ordering stock, choosing brands to stock, shipping online orders and creating a sustainability culture within our company and between our three stores here in Queenstown.