The Saddleback is glossy black with a chestnut saddle. Its Maori name comes from one of its common calls: ti-e-ke-ke-ke-ke. Slightly larger than a Blackbird the Saddleback is mainly insectivorous. The Saddleback has retreated from the brink of extinction, with the South Island subspecies population now comprising about 700 birds, up from 36 in 1963.

These tea towels are the perfect purchase - iconic image, stylish design, necessary and inexpensive. They make a great gift because they are unbreakable and cheap to post. If they are not being sent around the globe how about buying one to jazz up a bottle of wine for that important friend? Tres chique!

750mm by 510mm ; 100% cotton; 180gsm.

Designed and printed in New Zealand.