This delightfully discusting dollop of faux feculance is a personal a personal favourite ever since this particularly amusing episode ensued:

Returning from a hearty plunge around the humble estate with the hounds in tow, I poked the brylcreemed-bonce into the drawing room where thr present Lady Phartwell was absorbing a schooner of pale cream.

"What Ho Carbuncle face!" I sounded to the spouse. 

"I believe the dear doggies diet may be rather rich in gelatine! Watch This!"

  I reached into a dog poo bag, extracted the excrement, rolled it into a ball and sent it bouncing across the Parkay.

Conniptions and heated hysterics ensued!

Good Lord! I nearly Expired on the spot, I was so cheesed down with merry mirth I believe I may have ruptured something vital!