reated in collaboration with stationery director and founder of Pen-Info.jp, Tadashi Tsuchihashi, the Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Field Notebook in Dark Blue is an innovative stationery experience perfect for the visual learner or stationery enthusiast. 

What sets the Landscape line of notebooks apart from other Delfonics Rollbahn notebooks (besides the orientation) is the unique division guides marking the top, bottom, left and right of every page. This makes it easy to divide your page into halves, thirds, quarters or any other configuration your heart desires. It's easy to separate and sort your ideas, making this notebook ideal for creatives, designers or anyone who just wants more flexibility out of a notebook. 

Delfonics did not skimp on the quality either, with the Landscape series meeting the same high standard as the rest of their notebooks, with strong spiral binding, a robust, splash-proof cover in a sophisticated dark blue, an elastic closure strap and five plastic pockets for loose pieces of paper in the back of the notebook. 

If you're someone who really wants more, better space to create, you can't go wrong with the Delfonics Rollbahn Landscape Field Notebook.

SIZE: Landscape - 20.7 x 17cm
PAGES: 120 pages
STYLE: 5mm grid
FEATURES: Perforated pages, elastic closure, 5 plastic pockets
MATERIALS: 70gsm off-white/soft yellow paper, metal spiral binding
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan

Width: 20.70 (cm)
Height: 17.00 (cm)
Depth: 1.00 (cm)