This is the ultimate kitchen knife. Santoku in Japanese roughly translates to Meat, Fish, Vegetable and is a good indication of what this knife does. The granton edge on this Santoku means you can slice thinly and chop vegetables quickly and efficiently without pieces sticking to the edge of the blade. This is the knife that has usurped the humble cooks knife as most popular knife in a chef's arsenal. A must have.


  • The most popular shaped chef's knife in recent times comes to the classic Global range
  • Granton edge prevents sticking and allows for thinner slicing
  • This santoku japanese vegetable chopper is a good alternative to the classic European cooks knife.
  • Hygienic, seamless one piece construction.
  • Ice tempering and hardening strengthen the blade while helping it maintain optimal sharpness.
  • Providing superb leverage, the well-balanced handle is textured for a good grip.
  • Made in Japan
  • Blade length : 18cm