Octane coffee is designed to ignite the tastebuds and refuel the body. Using a blend of 50% Colombian and 50% Guatemalan beans, it creates a bold and smooth taste, with an after-kick to wake you up. It's nutty, woody and chocolatey, with a smidge of caramel, and simply delicious.

Here's what the maker has to say:

At Octane Coffee, we believe in simple, great-tasting coffee that everyone can make.

Over 20 years ago, founder Steve discovered a coffee machine and fell in love with the art of a perfect cuppa. One thing lead to another and today we are a family-run business with a tonne of passion and love for what we do.

Having searched the world for the finest fairtrade beans, and mixing them up in our home roastery, we think we’ve found the perfect blend. Our customers think so too, as we send our hand-stamped bags of beans to some of the best coffee shops and sellers in Queenstown and Otago.

At Octane Coffee, we’re passionate about direct customer relationships, supporting our local communities and making people smile with a delicious cuppa. We know great coffee doesn’t change the world, but it’s a good place to start.