Built into the back is a storage container that can hold up to four nutmegs; a clear plastic lid keeps them dry and protected; and for easy storage and portability, the crank arm folds over this lid, both to minimize space and to lock the storage container. When you want fresh ground nutmeg, simply unscrew the bottom of the mill, place a nutmeg in the mill, and screw the bottom back on. Use the crank to grind as much nutmeg as you want, and then use the plastic cap for the bottom to prevent spills after use. And better yet - in the unlikely event that you should grow tired of nutmeg - the GEFU food mill is also perfect for grinding hazelnuts, as well!

  • LASER CUT nutmeg mill 
  • For grating nutmegs/hazelnuts 
  • Integrated storage compartment for up to 4 nutmegs 
  • Comes with flavor-lock cap 
  • Lock-in function (marked Open - Close) for safe filling with up to 1 nutmeg. 
  • Material is ground completely, without waste 
  • Flavor-lock lid prevents mess at the table 
  • Handle folded out for easy operation 
  • Handle can be folded back for space-saving storage