Sometimes tradition is so much better than new. Here is a good example: Carbon steel is the most traditional material for French frying pans and a French company deBuyer established in 1830,manufacures high quality frying pans from recycledcarbon steel

The pan really is something you can trust on ' more you use, the better it gets. You need to season it a couple of times and it's a bit heavier than coated pans, but it rewards you well for decades in daily use. When seasoned properly, Debuyer carbon steel pan will have almost non-stick qualities. It's also very good at retaining heat and you can take it directly from stove to oven.

Since the surface is made of steel, you can use metallic tools without scratching the surface. In addition, the pans can withstand high temperatures and they have a perfect heat conductivity, which means the pan stays hot for a long time. This saves energy since you can use it with lower temperatures.

There is basically only one downsize to it: It's not suitable for long-cooking acidic or alkaline ingredients

deBuyer Mineral Element B series is coated with fully natural and chemical-free bee's wax, which makes it easier to start using the pan for the firsttime and it alsoprotects the pan from rust. Check for the seasoning guidelines and more detailed operating and maintenance instructions

The pan has a thickness of 3 mm, which makes it suitable for all heat sources. 28cm diameter, measured at the top, bottom diameter of 20 cm and a weight of 2.17 kg. The product has a lifetime warranty. Made in France.