The Guineafowl displays a beautiful plumage with black and cobalt blue feathers. The Guineafowl are from an ancient lineage resembling dinosaurs more than birds. Hundreds of birds split up perfectly into stable groups every day. How do they do it? It's obviously not just about being smart. Your choice for creative moments.

Photo Ark by photographer Joel Sartore specialises in documenting endangered species. With your help, we can take action to save charming, fierce and wonderful creatures. A purchase from the LOQI x National Geographic Photo Ark bag collection helps further the work of National Geographic scientists, explorers and educators around the world.

Weighs 55g.
Can carry 20kg.
It is 50 x 42cm.
The zip pocket is 11 x 11.5cm.
The handle is 27cm long.
Made of polyester.

Can be machine washed at 30C.