(Unfortunately, we cannot ship this internationally)

For all of those asking for a barstool that compliments our Devonport dining chair, we now have a classic kitchen barstool that does exactly that.

Following on with our 'Simple is best' belief, the Dunedin stool is sleek in style ; made to last. Designed to be stackable, the Dunedin barstools will be mighty handy as residential and commercial furniture for cafes, bars and restaurants.

We've done the work to make sure the wires are perfectly spaced for maximum comfort without extra cushioning. However, with added comfort in mind, we created a felted square wool chair pad that fits the Dunedin barstool (sold separately).

Before powder coating, each wire stool is sprayed with a special PVDF base to ensure durability and rust resistance. This makes them suitable for use both indoorsandas outdoor furniture in sheltered alfresco dining spaces.

Measures : Full height 85cm, Seat 65cm, Width 42cm.