These pillowcases have been uniquely designed for a more relaxed look, with an American style open end. To create a more traditional envelope look it's as simple as folding the ends in on themselves.

Pure Cotton knitted jersey is super soft to touch, beautifully light and fits the bed smoothly. Like your favourite t-shirt, it's ultra-comfortable and gets better with age and is suitable for all-season sleeping.

Our sheets at George Street Linen use only long-staple 100% cotton fibres. Using long-staple cotton, as opposed to the more common short-staple, produces the strongest and finest finish which means little or no pilling.


Cotton Jersey

Our sizing is based on current sizes available for Australasia/Oceania. These sizes are suitable for Australia ; New Zealand. For some products there may be custom sizes available- please contact hello@georgestreetlinen.com with your request.


Pillowcases Standard Size 48 x 74cm