New Zealand is famous for it's beautiful native birds and the incredible dawn chorus that can be experienced if you're lucky enough to be anywhere near some of our native rain forest early in the morning!

This GREETING CARD includes these Native Birds of New Zealand...Tui, Kea, Ruru (morepork), Miromiro (tomtit), Kereru (wood pigeon), Kotare (Kingfisher), Piwakawaka (fantail) and Kiwi.

FRONT: Native birds of New Zealand

INSIDE: Blank (suitable for any occasion)

BACK: Tui. A dapper white tuft at the throat gives the tui a regal air. Intelligent and boisterous, the Maori trained tui to imitate human speech.

  • Kea. Our naughty, noisy parrot lives in the alpine regions of New Zealand. Don't leave your lunch unattended or kea is likely to steal it. There are only 1000 - 5000 of these mischievous, intelligent birds left.
  • Ruru (morepork). The 'morepork' hoot is a familiar night-time sound throughout New Zealand. Ruru represents a connection berween Maori and the spirit world. Their large eyes are often depicted in carving and haka.
  • Miromiro (tomtit). Our tiny miromiro is only 13cm long but plays a starring role in many Maori myths and rituals. They get loved up for life and can raise up to 3 sets of chicks per breeding season.
  • Kereru (wood pigeon). Like a watchful mother, kereru will peer down at you silently from her perch. Serenely calm then suddenly wildly raucousas she takes flight.
  • Kotare (Kingfisher). Usually seen hanging out with its partner observing the goings on of the world from the highest perch while it waits for prey to appear. Kotare's stunning blue green feathers were not treasured by Maori because they eat lizards which are seen as the protecter of the forest.
  • Piwakawaka (fantail). Cheeky and cheery. Our little forest friend will dance along from branch to branch showing off its pretty tail as it follows you along the walking tracks of New Zealand.
  • Kiwi. The mysterious wall flower at the party. The shy hero. Flightless, brown and nocturnal, kiwi is the unlikely New Zealand icon whose reverence is not only reflected in the identity of a nation's people butis also embodied in the traits us kiwis hold dear.

SIZE: A6 (105mm x 148mm or 4.1 x 5.8 inches)

PAPER: printed on uncoated, acid free FSC, 280gsm card.

INCLUDES: brown envelope

Designed and made in Wanaka, New Zealand by Bridget Hall.