Made for Brew…

The new dishwasher-safe Govino Beer/Cider Glass is made from a crystal-clear, ultra-thin, BPA-free polymer, which accentuates the flavour, colour, and aromatics of all types of beers. It is shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and proudly made in the USA. 473ml

The perfect pint…

Govino is an elegant and innovative take on the traditional beer glass. It is a new brand ‘pilsner’ shape glass, giving both the beer & cider consumer and the craft beer industry a shatterproof beer/cider glass that looks and performs like real glass.

The Govino beer/cider glass is made of a high-quality, proprietary, food/pharmaceutical safe BPA-free PETG, and is designed to reflect the beer’s true colour and aromatics as well as enhance the flavour, carbonation and ‘head’ of the beer.

The composition makes Govino totally recyclable, but better yet Govino is reusable. The ‘patented’ ergonomic thumb-notch makes beer drinking easy and allows for a comfortable beer-drinking experience.