The Laguiole Debutant range is Laguiole’s affordable collection of stunning cutlery ware, crafted by hand with exquisite design. With the same classic style as the Laguiole Classic range, the Debutant range is also made in the same French factory from the same materials and certificate of authenticity. Each piece is masterfully crafted from stainless steel and finished sumptuously with stainless steel bolsters, five-rivet handles, and the traditional Laguiole Napoleon bee. Full tang construction ensures expert balance and superior durability, while modern resin handles make them maintenance-free. 

  • Individually sold various colours available.
  • Measures 23cm in length
  • Handles made from coloured resin
  • Tines made from top-quality stainless steel
  • Features the trademark Laguiole Bee on each handle
  • Domestic dishwasher safe; hand wash recommmended to prolong life of cutlery
  • Crafted by hand in Laguiole, France.